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The best historical fiction is well-researched. The worst historical fiction shows off too much research with needless references scattered like dead autumn leaves throughout what would otherwise be interesting and exciting greenery.

So team up with Not in the Script (NITS) and read about the quirky, different, exhilarating world of writing the readable. Protagonists with flaws, cowards who learn to stand up for themselves, thinkers with strange inventions ahead of their time. A newsletter interspersed with cute pets and wild animals (with no apologies), and (in time) some fabulous special free gifts (usually stories but you never know).

NITS is for lovers of unpretentious story-telling with a good dollop of reality. We won’t complain if you tell us we’re talking nonsense but we’ll love you forever if you like what you see and tell us so.

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Journalist, editor and author of historical fiction. Lives on an island. Writes and shoots the breeze.